A-008/ Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (塩水冷凍ボタンエビ) 0.5LB/ pack
A-008/ Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (塩水冷凍ボタンエビ) 0.5LB/ pack
A-008/ Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (塩水冷凍ボタンエビ) 0.5LB/ pack
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A-008/ Frozen Spot Prawn Tails (塩水冷凍ボタンエビ) 0.5LB/ pack

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Frozen BC Spot Prawn Tails 0.5LB/ pack (headless, shell-on, frozen in saltwater)
冷凍BC州産 ボタンエビ 0.5LB (頭ナシ、殻つき尾、塩水冷凍パック)

Spot prawns are known to have a sweet, rich buttery flavour, and firm and "puri-puri" (plump) texture, so not only are they heavenly, but sustainable as well. Buying head-off prawns can be really handy for dishes that highlight a larger quantity of the peeled protein, like in a ceviche, taco or sashimi/sushi.

You will not be disappointed in this decadent treat!




ボタンエビの解凍方法/ Prepare Spot Prawns 

Our frozen spot prawn tails are frozen with salt water so that you might taste a bit of salty when you are not following our below instruction of thawing.

For the best results, please follow the instruction of thawing as below.

①解凍/ How to thaw

Prepare/bring a big enough bowl to sink the pack of spot prawn tails in the water. Please do not open the package till everything is thawed. 
Amount of water: enough to completely submerge the package.
(OR put a package in a big bawl in the sink and run COLD water over the prawns.) As the pack of spot prawn tails are thawing, the water in the bowl gets colder so you may need to change the water for few times.
*please make sure you only use cold water from the tap.

You can also leave the pack of frozen spot prawn tails to sit in the fridge for overnight to thaw.

② 洗浄/ How to rinse and wash

After thawing, take the prawns out of the package and soak them in the cold water with a pinch of salt then rinse and wash. (Quick washing them by salt water keeps the prawns with "puri-puri" texture) Please do this process quick and consistently.

③ 水切り/ How to drain

Drain the liquid and dry prawn tails with using paper towels. 

④ 保管/ How to keep the prawn tails fresh after thawing

Prepare some ice on the plate and place some paper towels which absorbed salt water. Then wrap the prawn tails with the paper towels. Make sure to put a plastic wrap on the plate. 
*If you do not use them right away, please keep them refrigerated. 
This product does not have any discoloration inhibitors or anti tarnish agent so there might be some black dots on the shells.

After thawing, please consume them on same day.


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