B-024 / Tatami Coaster (畳コースター)
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B-024 / Tatami Coaster (畳コースター)

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A tatami mat made of a resin material (no rush material) with excellent durability which keeps tatami mat beautiful for a long time.

■when it is dirty, wipe it gently with a towel along the tatami mats.
Rubbing it hard may cause its damage.
■Do not place hot items such as pots, and kettles on top.
■When you wash, use the soft side of the sponge and gently stroke along the tatami mats.
After washing, be sure to dry it completely in a well-ventilated shade otherwise it may cause to get mold.


洗う際は、スポンジの柔らかい面を使用し、畳の目に沿ってやさしくなでるようにして 洗ってください。


Size (Approx.): H110mm x W110mm x D3mm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material/ component: Tatami : polypropylene Calcium carbonate Others
Edge: polyethylene polypropylene Polyester
Package: Individual Packaging

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