B-019 / Tempura Fryer Pot with Thermometer (温度計つき天ぷら鍋)
B-019 / Tempura Fryer Pot with Thermometer (温度計つき天ぷら鍋)
Kenwest Japan

B-019 / Tempura Fryer Pot with Thermometer (温度計つき天ぷら鍋)

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You can see the temperature of the oil at a glance with a thermometer.
This flyer pot comes with an oil splashing guard to prevent oil splashing.
Compatible with 200V high power heat source Cooking utensil for cooking heater.
(SG mark certified)

Corresponding heat source:
IH (including 200V), sheathed heater, halogen heater, encro heater, radiator heater, gas stove


IH(200Vを含む)、シーズヒーター、 ハロゲンヒーター、エンクロヒーター、 ラジエンヒーター、ガスコンロ

Size (Approx.): Width 302mm (including handles) x Depth 206mm x Height 110mm
Weight (Approx.): 730g
Capacity (Approx.): 2.4L 
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material/ component: Main Unit : Iron (1.2mm)・Silicon paint
Handle: Iron・Silicon paint
Guard: Iron・Color printing steel plate
Package: Individual box

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